Military Lessons with Commercial Applications

We are at the forefront of commercializing proven and tested military UAS technology and best practices. Our mission is to grow and sustain a viable UAS/UAM Infrastructure that leverages existing aviation best practices, innovation, collaboration, and training. We offer our Commercial, Government, and Military Partners the following:

  • A 5G Enabled 1300 sq mile multi-site UAS/UAM Flight Test and Development Proving Ground complete with total airspace surveillance
  • 3x Engineering University Strategic Alliances; MITRE, SMU, and UTD
  • Federal Lab Intermediary Agreements
  • Full Spectrum UAS/UAM Training, including the nations, only federally certified UAS Apprenticeship Program
  • FAA 135 and Air Agency Certification


Autonomous and Unmanned Aircraft represents the future of the Aerospace Industry…

UAS and particular Urban Air Mobility (UAM), represents a unique marriage of Information Systems, Aerospace, and a myriad of different Technical, Ethical, and Regulatory disciplines.

That once fully implemented, will change the way we live

TEXAS UASWERX is a Not for Profit Aeronautical Research and Services Firm, with extensive Aerospace Systems Engineering, Operations, and Integration capability.

TEXAS UASWERX is at the forefront of “Democratizing Aviation” and making it a useful and practical element in our everyday life!

We are not only a cheerleader for the industry, but we bring extensive technical muscle and are fully engaged at every level in bringing this next evolution of the aerospace industry to fruition.

TEXAS UASWERX is supporting the development, testing and certification of eVTOL, autonomous and pilot optional aircraft for the military and private sector

We are currently developing the world’s first Combat e-VTOL

The Kiowa ll e-Scout

The KIOWA II “e-Scout” is a CMOSS and SOSA compliant, AI-driven Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (e-VTOL) with an integrated airborne system designed to be forward deployed and capable of identifying, cataloging and engaging electronic emitters, ranging from Cellular IEDs to Long Wave SAM Surveillance Radar. Designed to be operated manned or unmanned at very low altitudes, its silence, agility and speed will make it survivable and lethal in the electromagnetic battlespace of today and tomorrow.

And the North Texas Region is the Aerospace Capital of the World!