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Cities are growing, and with automobiles occupying more and more space on the ground, it has become quite a task to travel through the congested roads and streets. This has led us to advanced air mobility AAM integration. With this evolved mode of transformation, moving in urban areas and rural areas has become more convenient, safe, and efficient.

TEXAS UASWERX supports AAM integration and aims to make aviation transport more accessible for common folks. By facilitating both commercial and government sectors, we strive to promote advanced air mobility (AAM) integration with our manned and unmanned aircraft.

Overview Of Our Advanced Air Mobility (Aam) Integration Services

Want to transport cargo to another city? Need a passenger plan for air travel? Whatever your reasons are for choosing air transportation, we are ready to help you out.

Founded in August 2016, we are a Not For Profit Aeronautical Engineering and Integration Firm. Being a top supporter of air aviation, we want to “ Democratize Aviation” to make it a convenient mode of transportation for the general public.

eVTOL And UAM Flights:

VTOL (Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) is basically a type of aircraft that utilizes electric power to hover, takeoff, and land vertically. They transfer one or more passengers and are generally suitable for covering short distances. We will give you a ride on these unmanned aircraft to help you reach your destination quickly.

We Use Artificial Intelligence:

Implementing artificial intelligence (AI) as a part of advanced air mobility (AAM) integration service is very crucial. AI assists our unmanned aircraft to stay connected and with the landing and takeoff procedure. AI also enables our self- piloted airplanes with navigation and to stay on the right route. All our aircraft are equipped with a fully functional AI system, which further ensures the safety of our passengers or the cargo.

We Ensure Your Safety:

You can rely on our airplanes in terms of safety and reliability. Our configuration management (CM) ensures that all our aircraft are in top working condition. We maintain the functionality and performance of our aircraft to ensure that all their physical attributes are well-maintained.

Our Areas Of Expertise:

In order to bring air mobility to the commercial sector, we make sure that every aspect of our service is top-notch. We have transformed UAS proven technology to the civilian sector. This makes our air mobility services the best in town. With the help of artificial intelligence and airplane to airplane data linking capacity, we deliver you the most reliable air services.

Services For Both Government And Commercial Sectors:

Our manned and unmanned aircraft are available to provide air mobility services for both government and commercial customers. Our UAS operators are ready to serve military and private customers with the help of internal, external, and standard pilots.

We Are A Not For Profit Firm:

We are a not-for-profit air mobility integration firm and are answerable only to our partners. So, instead of earning unnecessary profits from our clients, we offer them superior quality services to our clients at reasonable pricing.

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