We are Excellence in Unmanned

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We are Excellence in Unmanned

In partnership with The University of Texas at Dallas, Lone Star UAS and The MITRE Corporation, TEXAS UASWERX is establishing Texas as the premiere location for UAS training, services and integration.

Unmanned Aerial/Autonomous Systems (UAS) will transform the way we live. From life saving public safety applications to mitigating traffic congestion, UAS Technology will be as trans formative to our way of life as the Internet and GPS.

Founded in 2016, TEXAS UASWERX is a Dallas, Texas-based 501c(6) Not for Profit Corporation that provides not only industry advocacy and education, but deep expertise in the areas of Systems Engineering, Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and Internet of Things (IoT).

The firm operates the nation's sole dedicated Urban Air Mobility Center of Excellence at its Mineral Wells, Texas UAS Research Facility and Proving Ground, and is at the forefront of safely integrating autonomous systems of all sizes into the National Airspace System.

As a not for profit applied research and integration firm, we are accountable only to our partners and not to shareholders. As such, we never cut corners to increase profitability and thus we can focus on providing superior service and outcomes for our partners and clients.


UAS Integration, Not Segregation

Unmanned Aerial Systems represent the next evolution of the Aerospace Industry. As such unmanned aircraft should be operated with the same levels of professionalism and Airmanship as manned aircraft.

Our mission is to instill within the public the same levels of trust and expectations of competence in unmanned aircraft, as their manned counterparts.

As such, TEXAS UASWERX is an FAA Part 135 and Part 141 Certificated Operator and is at the forefront of implementing Standardized Integrated UAS Operations in the National Airspace.

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We are Excellence in Unmanned