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Advanced Air Mobility

You may have heard some buzz about advanced air mobility, but you are not quite sure what it entails. What is AAM? This field is ever-growing and changing rapidly, so the more you learn about it and all of the benefits, the better.

What is Urban Air Mobility (UAM)?

UAM, or Urban Air Mobility, looks to an efficient, safe aviation transport system using highly-automated aircraft. This aircraft operates to transport cargo or passengers at a lower altitude within urban or suburban areas. The UAM will be made of an ecosystem that considers the aircraft’s safety and evolution into consideration, the overall framework for operating, airspace access, community engagement, and infrastructure development.

What is Advance Air Mobility?

AAM, or Advanced Air Mobility, builds further on the UAM concept while working to incorporate various use cases that are not specific to urban environment operations, including:

  • Recreational/Private Vehicles
  • Commercial Inter-City (such as thin haul/longer range)
  • Public Services
  • Cargo Deliveries

What About AAM Aviation and Landing?

When putting together the initial ecosystem for UAM, it will utilize the existing infrastructures for helicopters. This includes things such as helipads, routes, and air traffic control services (ATC). These are all practicable when given the characteristics of the aircraft. When looking into the long-term, the FAA has been working on identifying all of the needs of the infrastructure design for such aircraft. It is expected that the FAA will develop a brand-new vertiport standard in the upcoming years.

What About the FAA?

Advanced air mobility companies will be happy to know that UAM and AAM are included in upcoming planning efforts. The work is organized while focusing on five realms of activity. These areas include airspace, aircraft, infrastructure, community, and operations.

Looking to the Future

The market that includes AAM and UAM will require a variety of solutions with the reliability of different aerospace vehicles and the high-level producibility of the entire automotive market. Companies involved in this realm today, including Texas UASWERX, have been diving into advanced solutions to address both criteria.

Working with a Team Driving the Advanced Air Mobility Revolution

When it comes to the world of UAM and AAM, Texas UASWERX is leading the way. We are not driven by profit, only passion. Our team understands the future needs, and we are working to change the world of autonomous UAS operations. We have been working on developing, creating, and testing a wide range of edge IoT network USA vehicles.

Do you want to know more about advanced air mobility and what we are doing to revolutionize the future here at Texas UASWERX? We are now accelerating professional and standardized UAS operations within the state of Texas. Get in touch with us today to learn more about this and other aerospace engineering and integration services! We would love to discuss the plans for the future and what is in store when it comes to advanced air mobility and urban air mobility. Call us at Texas UASWERX at (972) 883-7111, and a member of our team will be happy to address any questions or concerns you have.


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Advanced Air Mobility

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