Chevy 6 5 engine

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Chevy 6 5 engine

Searching for an affordable Chevy 6.5 engine? Be careful where you shop before you make your final purchase. Not all 6.5 diesel engines are alike. At Bostic Motors, they sell only the highest quality 6.2 and 6.5 diesel engines you’ll find anywhere; in fact, they’ve been building and servicing them since the 1990s.

Take a look at what sets Bostic Motors apart when it comes to their Chevy 6.5 engine:

Each engine is individually hot-run on the dynamometer following the assembly. It’s during this time that the camshaft and lifters are properly run-in and the engine is monitored for signs of oil or coolant leaks. Every new and remanufactured engine is CNC machined, including line boring and decking.

Bostic Motors is very proud of their lengthy track record, and they do not take risky shortcuts during either the manufacturing or the remanufacturing process. Take note that they do not: weld on cracked cranks, blocks, caps or heads, sleeve cracked blocks, cut or machine any bearing surfaces on the 6.5 crankshaft, use Chinese castings or cheap ‘white box’ internal engine parts.

Compare Bostic Motors’ Chevy 6.5 engine to others: Their long blocks come with already installed valve covers, oil pan, oil pickup tube, timing chain cover and new harmonic balancer. All long blocks have new pistons, connecting rods, valves, valve springs, valve keepers, push rods, rocker arms, lifters, camshaft, timing chain, timing gears, valve guides, three-angle sets, cam, rod and main bearings, piston rings and gaskets!

Customers appreciate that engines are upgraded to a high volume, high pressure oil pump. You may have heard that the 6.5 TD needs a boost of oil to the main bearings: this is the pump that does the job like nothing else on the market.

You can learn more about the Chevy 6.5 engine by visiting, where all of the information you need is available. If you’d like to place an order or speak with someone from the knowledgeable sales department, call 828-453-7779. Payment can be securely taken over the phone.

Bostic Motors carries replacement engines for any 6.5L diesel/diesel engine application, turbo or non-turbo, van or pickup, GMC, Chevy, Hummer or AM General. To ensure that you receive the correct engine, make sure you provide the year, make, model and 8th character of your VIN code when you call.

There will be a $500 domestic core deposit that will be refunded when the rebuildable core is received back by Bostic Motors. Your core’s deficiencies can be pro-rated and may not mean complete forfeiture of your deposit. Bostic motors will pay for return shipping f the core, simply let them know when it’s ready for pick up and their freight company will make arrangements with you.

Shipping for the Chevy 6.5 engine is by truck freight and cost is between $260 and $450, depending on where you are located. Feel free to contact Bostic Motors by calling 828-453-7779 with any questions or visit online at

Chevy 6 5 engine