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EVTOL Flight Testing

Advanced Air Mobility and Urban Air Mobility (UAM/AAM) are reliable and fully efficient systems for air vehicles. Either with or without a pilot, they are intended to carry passengers and move cargo within the urban space, avoiding automobile traffic delays that ground vehicles use. 

UAM/AAM is a new business model intended to be the new urban sensation in transportation and cargo. UAM/AAM will offer a unique and attractive way to travel in the air, eliminating traffic congestion and giving people a very comfortable and efficient way to get from home to work, university, or even malls or hospitals. 

The integrated modeling of urban air mobility involves a system that considers the trajectory and safety of the aircraft, the operations management program, the entry into the airspace, the deployment of aerial technology, and the active participation of the city’s users.

Benefits of UAM/AAM

Recent market studies for urban air mobility affirm that if the structural, legal, and air traffic management limitations in the United States are consolidated, the UAM/AAM market will surpass the U.S. airline market. 

This is because the U.S. airline market is currently worth $200 billion, compared to the potential UAM/AAM-oriented market, which would be worth $500 billion in operations. It would also surpass it in the number of passengers and the number of transport and cargo vehicles.

UAM/AAM, unlike traditional aviation, will be part of the internal landscape of cities due to its urban and largely eco-responsible integration. As a function of this integration, aspects such as low operating noise, fairness, comprehensiveness, and observance of diversity in the use of aerial vehicles and their access, among others, will be considered.

UAMAAM Vehicle testing and certification

One of the main tasks to overcome in the use of UAM/AAM oriented vehicles is to overcome a series of obstacles such as safety certification in the areas of autonomy for crewless vehicles, since one of the most critical issues is to ensure safety in flight and landing operations over densely populated urban areas through a testing system of quality.

Likewise, certifications are needed to address emergencies and disaster control and the environmental impact of using these vehicles in urban areas, and even the safety of aerial communications.

These certifications must consider the level of automation and manageability of aerial vehicles in situations of heavy workload and long urban distances and their integration into a coordinated and responsibly supervised traffic system. 

Looking to the future

UAM/AAM-based operations are set to prove to users and the community that they are completely safe for daily use, completely convenient, and preferable to some established land or water transportation systems in urban areas generally clogged with vehicular traffic.

The UAM/AAM is set to revolutionize air passenger transportation and goods delivery. Still, it must offer access facilities, comfortable and convenient terminals, or loading points, all under a well-organized and functional system to be durable over time. 

In terms of safety, the aircraft must have enough autonomy in a specific emergency program for extreme cases to fly without human intervention to a safe place and out of danger. It must have GPS, an inertial navigation system (INS), and a set of high-tech devices for use in worst-case scenarios.

Unmanned aerial systems will change the way we live. Please get the help you need from the industry’s forefront expert with our UAM consulting. Contact us today for a free consultation. We are the urban air mobility consultant you were looking for.

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