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Hull Cleaning Tampa

The water of the Tampa Bay provides the perfect environment for the growth of micro-organisms. So, it is important that boat owners in this part of the country clean their boats frequently, especially the bottom. Boat cleaning service is charged per foot, which is why most boat owners prefer to clean the bottom of their boats on their own. 

However, there is a lot of effort that goes into hull cleaning, and it cannot be overlooked. That is why seeking Hull cleaning services in Tampa Bay is very important, but you need to choose the best boat hull bottom cleaning company. So, what are the tips for choosing the right Tampa Bay hull cleaning service?


Years of experience are normally a good indicator of expertise. Most experienced companies tend to do a better job cleaning more gunk while taking less paint off. A company like PJ’s Divers and Docks are usually better at getting in the rudder gaps and so on. Several people get into the hull cleaning service and get out after a while because diving is physical and tough work.

At PJ’s Divers and Docks, we are a hull cleaning company with several years of experience cleaning hulls. And we have the right tools and expertise to ensure you get the best quality work.

Do they use green cleaning products?

As much as you want the bottom of your boat to be sparkling clean, it shouldn’t be done at the expense of marine life. Harsh cleaning products cause pollutants that threaten the survival of marine life, and this beats the purpose of having a boat. So, the first step to selecting the right hull cleaning service is to ensure that they use environmentally friendly cleaning products. At PJ’s Divers and Docks, we are environmentally conscious, so we use the best green cleaning products for  hull cleaning Tampa St Pete.

Describe detailed findings

It is not enough for a hull cleaning company to clean the bottom of your boat, get paid, and just pack and leave. Generally, professional work doesn’t stop at that. They should be able to give you details about their findings during the hull cleaning process and sometimes offer a recommendation. 


When choosing a company that specializes in hull cleaning in Tampa, it is important to ensure they are certified, especially if your boat is docked on water. Carrying out hull cleaning underwater requires a certain level of care because it is tough, and accidents are bound to happen. Although this craft is learned purely from experience, an uncertified diver is a risky bet because they have not been certified for diving. 

Why choose PJ’s Divers and Docks?

At PJ’s Divers and Docks, we specialize in professional hull cleaning and maintenance in Tampa Bay. We provide a free quote for all hull cleaning Tampa St Pete and are happy to offer a detailed hull cleaning solution that suits all needs and budgets. If you are looking for boat hull cleaning near me, Contact P.J.’s Divers & Docks for a free estimate: 727-685-1090.


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