Professional Commercial UAS Training

We are Excellence in Unmanned
Driven by Passion, Not Profit

At TEXAS UASWERX, we are properly training Texas first generation of UAS/ UAM Professional’s.

TEXAS UASWERX conducts training on Tier 1 thru 3 level UAS Platforms. Our highly-skilled instructors are the most qualified and experienced UAS Instructors in the Nation. They are all FAA and Military Rated Airmen on both manned and unmanned aircraft. The firm is also capable of deploying mobile training teams (MTT) throughout the continental United States and abroad to support our customers’ wide variety of training needs on both operational and development-stage systems.

TEXAS UASWERX along with our training partners provide

Multi Vertical, Professional FAA Aligned UAS Training.

TEXAS UASWERX is one of the earliest adopters of multi-vertical Hi Fidelity UAS Simulation Training.

Our simulator platforms combined with real world mission scenarios provide maximum training outcomes at the lowest cost.

Commercial Training Verticals include

  • Precession Agriculture
  • Survey and Mapping
  • Photography and Cinematography
  • Insurance and Disaster Inspection
  • Construction and Aggregate
  • Public Safety

Created in collaboration with the FAA Southwest Regional Office and patterned after the U.S. Air Force RPA Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) Program, it produces the most professional and standardized Commercial UAS Operators outside the U.S. Military

In partnership with Dallas County Community College (DCCCD)…

We operate the nations first and only U.S. Department of Labor Certified Unmanned Aerial Systems Apprenticeship Program.