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Urban Air Mobility

Major cities of the world are accommodating almost half of the world’s population & generating more than 80% of global GDP. Traffic accidents and fatalities occur at a high rate. Furthermore, mobility options are inequitable, many people do not have easy access to jobs, education, or even healthcare. Traffic congestion is costing billions every year, an effective and well-organized mobility solution is the need of the hour.

About Texas UASWERX

We are driven by passion, not profits. As the leading Urban Air Mobility Consultant & Integration, our vision is deeply rooted in creating a collaborative UAM Ecosystem as a reliable & fully integrated transportation option to the masses. We are working on integrated modelling of urban air mobility applications for instance air ambulance, emergency supply delivery, organ transport, search and rescue assistance.

How Texas UASWERX is Shaping The Future?

Market studies for urban air mobility indicate that the autonomous UAS model will be conducted via 4G/5G and other connected IoT platforms soon. Our deep engineering expertise lies in demonstrating a wide range of UAM consulting based on authentic 5G, IoT, and other supporting networks, which is helping and promoting UAS adoption across the corporations, public and private sectors, and in the military. Our purpose is to provide 5G testing & demonstration capability in quick real-time i.e. less than 10ms. We are using a variety of simulations to shape the future of mobility. Some of them are mentioned below:

1) Systems Engineering & Configuration Management:

Configuration Management (CM) refers to a strategy for systematically managing a product’s changes to maintain its integrity through life. We use our knowledge to develop integrated logistic support & maintenance, functional & physical attributes and operational information in this digital era.

2) Flight Test & Engineering:

Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles must be tested with the same rigour and precision as manned systems. However, being “unmanned” and being part of an integrated system, UAVs demand unique flight test approaches that present corresponding challenges. Our project leads are DOD clearance holders, they add value by offering applied technical solutions designed that follows industry practice.

3) Military & Government UAS Training:

We are a DOS ITARS compliant and license (DSP-5) holder, in addition to a DCMA-8210 compliant training provider. We are besides a DCMA-8210 & DSCA compliant training provider & qualified enough to conduct Foreign Military Sales (FMS) for instance, United Nations DRC UAS operations, Canadian Navy ScanEagle Training etc.

4) Professional & Commercial UAS Training:

We are one of the earliest & preeminent adopters of multi-vertical Hi Fidelity UAS Simulation Training. Our highly trained and experienced UAS instructors are among the best in the country being FAA and military-rated airmen. We are also capable of sending mobile training teams (MTT) benefiting end-users nationwide and worldwide with our disruptive & seamless customer experience for all training needs.

5) Beyond Engineering:

We assist our clients in navigating specific emerging standards because we are at the forefront of legislation and qualification in aerospace and transportation.

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