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"Mark my words. A combination of

airplane and motorcar is coming.

You may smile. But it will come."

-Henry Ford 1940

A recent market study by Booz Allen Hamilton found that if experts can overcome infrastructure and air traffic management constraints, the potential U.S. market for UAM exceeds $500 billion, carrying 16 million passengers daily, and served by 850,000 aircraft. In comparison, the U.S. airline market is approximately $200 billion.

Unlike past forms of aviation, UAM will be deeply interwoven into the fabric of cities and regions. Aircraft must be low noise to avoid annoyance, vertiports must be located in a way consistent with land use regulations, and issues such as equity of access must be addressed. As a consumer and producer of data, UAM will be a part of the landscape of future smart cities.

What it is?

Urban air mobility (UAM) is an aviation industry term for on-demand and automated passenger or cargo-carrying air transportation services, typically flown without a pilot.

human head thinking

drone flying

Why it matters?

Traffic in large cities is bad and getting worse. UAM will offer new services that will bring new ways for people to travel around cities and urban areas, while reducing congestion. UAM additionally offers the opportunity to reduce carbon emissions and thus benefit the environment.

What is TEXAS UASWERX doing?

TEXAS UASWERX offers Systems Engineering and Integration Services that provide Continuity of Effort for the multiple disciplines required to implement and integrate UAM into U.S. Metroplex’s and the National Airspace System. The firm provides UAM Subject Matter Expertise along with Integrated Aeronautical Engineering Support to OEM’s, Technology Providers and Government Organizations, with goal of implementing UAM as a ecologically clean, cost effective solution Urban Traffic Congestion.

man standing with drone flying

man standing with drone flying

We are Excellence in Unmanned

Driven by Passion, Not Profit